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Your meaning to do improvements around your home and would like someone who is skilled and experienced to carryout the work. Value for money and quality workmanship are top priority. Able to offer sound advice as well as good communication are also things you cherish.

Whether you’re considering moving walls or need a door replaced, we can cater for many of your wishes.

Have a browse through our services section and see what Gray Carpentry can do for you.  


Are you looking for a multiskilled tradie?  You would prefer someone to have reputable trade contacts and service all of Perth metropolitan area. Confident to do complex carpentry tasks and at the same time capable to cure all those minor jobs that make life uncomfortable.  

Commercial or private, these maintenance issues tend to have a negative effect on everyone, therefore we understand that a timely response is key.  

Feel free to have a look at what we do. Drop me an email or call if you have any queries.

Need a second opinion? We offer a wide range of advice relating to construction and design. Maybe your interested in doing something to improve the quality of your home. This could mean bringing in more (or less) light into your home. Or adding some features to make your home feel more personal and inviting. Whatever your aspirations are, having a consultation is sure to generate more options and ideas than going it alone.

We look forward to sharing our ideas and transforming your home





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